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Washroom Cleaning

Washroom facilities are vitally important in all premises. Daly Cleaning Services will help you maintain and present the best facilities through our range of complete washroom services and hygienic solutions. Through our unique approach we ensure your washroom is hygienic, healthy and running smoothly. No matter your size, or requirements, we have the solutions and skilled people to meet your needs.

Our Washroom services and hygiene solutions include, but are not limited to: 

  • Toilets cleaning inside and out using eco-friendly general purpose cleaner that kills germs and cleans the surface. 

  • Sink, mirror and cabinets cleaning by first scouring the sink using the scouring sponge, crevice brush and scouring paste. 

  • Feminine hygiene including the supply of specialist sanitary bins and waste disposal. 

  • Hand care, including soap dispensers, paper towels and air dryers. 

  • Air freshening and atmosphere control solutions. 

  • The supply of a full range of high quality consumables, including toilet rolls and paper hand towels. 

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